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Nordic Combined


Tuesday 29.11  

10:00-14:00 NC Open course - Free training  

Wednesday 30.12 

10:00-14:00 NC Open course - Free training 

SJ Hill closed for training until official training Thursday 


Thursday 01.12 

14:00 NC TCM 

15:00 NC Official training CC 

18:00 NCW HS100 Official training 

19:30 NCW HS100 PCR 


Friday 02.12 

09:15 NCW HS100 Trial round 

10:00 NCW HS100 Competition start 

11:00 NCM Official training 

12:00 NCM HS100 PCR  

14:30 NCW Ind Gundersen 5k 


Saturday 03.12 

07:45 NCM HS100 Trial round 

08:45 NCM HS100 Competition start 

10:00 NCW HS100 Trial round 

10:35 NCW HS100 Competition start 

14:05 NCW Ind Gundersen 5k 

14:45 NCM Ind Gundersen 10k 


Sunday 04.12 

08:30 NCM HS140 Official training 

09:30 NCM HS140 Competition start 

14:45 NCM Ind Gundersen 10k 

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Offices and opening hours

Race offices 

Birkebeineren ski stadium

30/11: 10:00-15:00 

1/12: 10.00-15.00  

2/12: 07:30-16.00  
3/12: 07:30-16.00 
4/12: 07:30-16.00 

OC Office/ Info desk 

Scandic Lillehammer Hotel   
Turisthotellvegen 6 
2609 Lillehammer 

28/11-4/12: 08.00-20.00  



Scandic Lillehammer Hotel   
28/11-4/12: 08.00-20.00  



Scandic Lillehammer Hotel  

28/11-4/12: 08.00-20.00  

Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Hill

1/12: TBC 

2/12: 09.00-20.00 
3/12: 07.30-20.00 
4/12: 09.00-19.00 



New for this season is that accreditation for World Cup Lillehammer must be requested and applied for. The accreditation will consist of a personal QR-code that will be scanned in the arena(s) and gives you access to the right zones. 


Remember to upload a profile picture of yourself in the form. Please do not use the same email address for multiple applications, use only one email address per person. 


Your accreditation card can be picked up at the Event Office at Scandic Lillehammer Hotel. 


For questions regarding accreditation please contact 


Those who have the FIS season accreditation can use this instead of the local accreditation. 

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Airport transport

  • Official airport: Oslo Airport Gardermoen 

  • The OC will arrange transportation between the airport and the hotel. Booking through FIS online registration system. 

There will be a limited number of OC departures from/to the airport. Alternative transportation:  

Direct train (approx one departure every hour, except from in the night) 

Please see the schedule/order here: Choose Oslo Lufthavn (the airport) to Lillehammer. Alternatively buy the ticket at the airport/station or on board the train. 



The OC offers the following accommodation (full board included)

Birkebeineren Hotell & Apartments 

Three star hotel

Address: Birkebeinervegen 24, 2618 Lillehammer


There will be shuttle service from the hotels to the venues. For shuttle times see the transportation desk at Scandic Lillehammer Hotel or at your hotel reception. 



Birkebeineren Ski Stadium

Address:Sjøsetervegen 29, 2618 Lillehammer

Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Hill

Birkebeinervegen 122, 2618 Lillehammer




The courses at Birkebeineren ski stadium is available for training from thursday 24. november. Check put the list under for available timeslots for training in the ski jumping arena.

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