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Here you will find useful information for those of you who will be in the audience at the World Cup Lillehammer.

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The World Cup competitions are held at the Birkebeineren ski stadium and in the Lysgårdsbakkene. To enter the arenas, you must buy a day ticket or weekend pass here at


We arrange parking for cars in Lysgårdsbakkene and at the Birkebeineren ski stadium. Follow the signs on arrival at the arenas.



Use route B6 from the city center to get to the Birkebeineren ski stadium.

To get to Lysgårdsbakkene, we recommend using route B3, B6 or B7. Get off the bus at Håkons hall and follow the road up to Lysgårdsbakkene at the back of Håkons hall.


All students have half price tickets for the World Cup. In addition, a separate area at Birkebineren will be arranged for students with gapauks, fire pans and guards. You will find these areas on the right immediately after you enter the arena.

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Whats up?

At the ski stadium, there will be activities for children, mini World Cup (10-14 every day), sale of food and drink, bonfires and stands from partners. But of course the most important happens on the ski track and you get the best experience inside the ski stadium. When the athletes are out on the courses, you can follow along live on the big screen.

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